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New Taxi Licences
As from the 30th June 2014 new taxi licences will be available from Taxi Services Commission (TSC) to suitable applicants.
If you are considering applying, you should check all requirements on the TSC web site.


Bear in mind that you do not have an automatic right to operate from a Network Service Provider such as Frankston Radio Cabs Pty Ltd.
You are strongly advised to discuss your options with your preferred NSP prior to applying for your new licence.

Kevin J. Dunn
General Manager



Change to Frankston Taxi Livery                                    Updated 05/02/2015
It is no longer a requirement for Frankston Taxis to be painted Victorian Taxi Yellow.
However, you may continue to paint your new taxi Victorian Taxi Yellow should you so choose.
White and Silver livery will now be acceptable in our fleet.
Please note all existing Taxi Decals must be applied.