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Our Fleet

Frankston Radio Cabs fleet consists of 65 taxis which include 4 seat sedans and station wagons, and 14 wheelchair accessible vehicles, which can also hold up to 10 passengers or 4 wheelchairs. All vehicles in our fleet are fully air conditioned, well maintained and routinely inspected to insure that we continue to meet the highest possible standards, and to make your trip as our customer as comfortable as possible. For more useful info on our Maxi Taxis and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles(WAV) please visit our Book A Taxi page by clicking on the Book Tab.

Fare Estimator                                            (Click on image)                                                                                                            This tool provides an estimate only. The estimate includes GST, flagfall, airport surcharges and tolls. It does not include phone booking fee or card service fees. You must prepay your fare between 10pm and 5am if requested. Your actual fare will vary depending on traffic, road conditions and route taken. The fare is the amount shown on the taxi meter at the end of the trip plus any authorised additional charges. The default route taken is based on Microsoft Bing Maps Routing Service which generally results in the use of Tollways, Freeways and major arterial roads. Complete address details (house number, street, suburb) or selecting a taxi rank or train station will provide the most accurate estimate.

Please call our customer service representatives on 9786 3322 for further  information. For more on Prepaid Fares between 10pm and 5am see Prepaid Fares.

Our fleet is equipped with Cabcharge Eftpos terminals and we accept most major credit cards.



The following maximum fares may be charged in Metropolitan, Frankston, Dandenong and Port Phillip taxis.
                                                              Flagfall              Distance                    Time
     Day Rate (9am – 5pm)                        $4.20           $1.622 per klm         $0.568 per minute      

     Overnight Rate (5pm – 9am)                $5.20           $1.804 per klm          $0.631 per minute

     Peak Rate (10pm - 4am Fri & Sat)       $6.20           $1.986 per klm          $0.695 per minute


Booking fee:  A fee of $2.00 applies when a taxi is booked in advance.
Holiday rate:  Peak Rate applies on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, and from 6pm on New Year's Eve.
High Occupancy fee:  A fee of $14 applies in addition to the meter fare for taxis carrying 5-11 passengers (including a person(s) who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid) or where the hirer specifically requests a larger than standard taxi regardless of the number of passengers (except where the booking is for a person(s) who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid).
Electronic payments: A maximum 5% fee applies when using credit/debit cards, and all other non- cash payments (GST inclusive).
Airport booking fee:  a $3.00 fee applies when a taxi is booked in advance for travel from Melbourne airport.

Toll roads:  Charges apply to toll roads. See toll roads.