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Frankston City Council                                                       
Frankston City is regional hub for retail, employment, cultural, professional and administrative services for Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs.
Frankston Central Activities District (CAD) is one of the largest retail centres outside the Melbourne CBD. It contains a total floor area of about 220,000 square metres, of which half is used for retail purposes and a further 68,000 square metres for office space.
Frankston CAD is the only regional metropolitan activity centre adjoining Port Phillip, which provides a significant opportunity for developing a distinct and attractive identity, linking the CAD to the Bay visually and physically and encouraging interaction between the two.

Cabcharge Australia                           
Cabcharge, an Australian company, is a taxi charge account system providing customers with a convenient and safe way to pay for taxis and hire cars without using cash. The system is designed to meet the various needs of businesses of every size, government departments and individuals. Cabcharge is designed to give companies total control over their taxi travel expenditure accounting and records.



Mornington Peninsula Shire                        
The Mornington Peninsula is located just over an hour's drive away from the city, on Melbourne's 'doorstep', and is often described as 'Melbourne's playground'. It is the most popular informal recreational area in Victoria. The Mornington Peninsula is a boot-shaped promontory separating two contrasting bays: Port Phillip and Western Port. 'The Peninsula', as it is affectionately known to local residents, contains a diversity of scenic landscapes and is almost surrounded by the sea, with coastal boundaries of over 190 kilometres. It is a mixture of urban areas, resort towns, tourist development and rural land.


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