Frankston Radio Cabs Pty Ltd

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Drive a Cab


People with a sound knowledge of  Frankston and nearby suburbs.
Must be a holder of a full Victorian Driver’s License for at least 12 months.
You will also need a Police Name Check andto apply for an ABN application.
Contact our staff on 97863511 for assistance to pass the knowledge test.

Taxi driving is indeed a business - in fact it becomes your business.  You will not be employed to drive a taxi but, rather, you will be offered opportunities to Bail (as in lease) a taxi on a shift by shift basis.
Once you pass the knowledge test and receive your Driver’s Authority receipt and MPTP Card  from Vic Roads, you should come to Frankston Taxis during office hours (Mon – Fri 8:30am – 4:00pm)

You need to bring:   
Police check form              ABN
Driver’s License                 Driver’s authority receipt
MPTP EFTPOS Card           PIN number
MPTP card supplied by VTD (pin is printed under card)    
to make an appointment for driver induction.
                                      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) How much will it cost?

A)Your Police Name check  currently costs less than $40 each.You will need to purchase, a uniform shirt currently $24 to $30 and a pair of Epaulettes  currently $11. 

Q) What shifts are available and what shifts am I required to work?
A) Shifts are normally up to 12 hours and broken into a Day shift or Night shift on weekdays and weekends. Starting and finishing times vary between the different operators. You will only have to work the shifts you want to work, as agreed with the owner. The most sought after shifts are Weekday Day shifts. The busiest shifts are Friday and Saturday nights.

Q) How much money do I get paid?
A) Generally you get 50% of what is shown on the meter. Since fares include GST you will need to set aside 1/11th of your share for GST, which you will pay to the Australian Taxation Office on your BAS statement. The more fares you collect, the greater your share.

Q) Who pays the bills?
A) All fuel and other vehicle maintenance costs, registration and insurance are paid by the owner. Road tolls are paid by the owner of the E-tag. If the owner owns the E-tag then the driver should reimburse him for any tolls collected from the passenger.